Youth Outreach


Youth Outreach works with youth from Winnipeg’s West End who are considered high-risk of becoming involved in the criminal justice system or who may be experiencing trouble successfully integrating into the community.


The objectives of the project are:


  • To connect youth back to their cultures and expand their knowledge and understanding of other cultures present in the community.

  • To provide support and space for youth to develop personal success plans, empowering youth to take charge of their lives, and realize their goals.

  • To empower youth to share their culture with other youth in the community through presentations, activities and events.

How the Project Works

Youth who are selected to participate in youth outreach will be assigned to an Outreach Worker who will meet with them weekly to identify unmet basic needs, personal goals and facilitate cultural experiences within the West End community.


Youth involved in Outreach will:

  • Become empowered through developing their own Personal Success Plan and accomplishing their goals at their own pace.

  • Have their basic needs such as clothing, food and access to safe places fulfilled.

  • Become connected to services that address their needs and goals within the community.

  • Work on and complete their restorative justice or community service hours with the supervision of a Cultural Outreach Worker.

  • Become more connected to their culture and more knowledgeable about other cultures in the community.

  • Have the opportunity to become employed as Junior Staff and work 1-2 shifts per week.

Intake Process

Once the Referral-Intake Form has been received by the Outreach team, they will review the application to insure that the youth meets the requirements of the project. 


Youth participants must:

  • Be between the ages of 12 and 18

  • Live within the boundaries of the West End (preferred)

  • Have at least two items checked off in the Risk Assessment completed on the Intake-Referral form

  • Show interest in participating in the program and can commit to weekly meetings


If the youth meets the above requirements, then they will be contacted by an outreach worker to set up their first meeting.  After the first meeting, the Cultural Outreach Worker will contact both the family and the Natural and Professional Supports of the youth to inform them of the project.


Click below for the downloadable Intake-Referral Forms:


Wraparound Approach

This project utilizes wraparound practices and approaches.  The Outreach Worker will remain in close contact with whomever the youth has identified as their Professional (Service Providers) or Natural Supports (Family/Friends). 


The development of the Personal Success Plans will also be needs driven and not service driven. Outreach workers will support the youth in developing goals, through Personal Success Plans, which will meet their self-identified needs.

Youth Outreach Staff


Outreach Worker: Craig Settee

Phone: 204-986-5467



Outreach Worker: Victoria Weir

Phone: 204-986-5467


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Cultural Activities

Many of the youth participating in our Cultural Integration Youth Outreach program come from diverse ethnic heritages.  In this program, youth have the opportunity to gain insight into their own culture while exploring other cultures through various cultural events every month, including:


  • Cooking special ethnic meals

  • Face painting

  • Participating in traditional dance

  • Gaining appreciation for diverse forms of music

  • Attending traditional ceremonies

  • Arts and crafts

  • And more!

Supplies and Resources

Outreach aims to address the basic needs of youth by providing the following items to any youth who attends our programming:

  • toothpaste and toothbrushes

  • deodorant

  • tampons and pads

  • shampoo and conditioner

  • soap

  • lotion

  • razors

  • seasonal clothing (mitts, toques, socks)

  • bug spray, sun screen

  • condoms, lubricant, female condoms, dental dams

  • sexual education resources 




To receive any of the above products, youth can come to the Magnus Eliason Recreation Centre (430 Langside St.) between 9am-9pm any day of the week.

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