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SNA's West End 24 Hour Safe Space for Youth (also known as WE24) operates out of 430 Langside Street (in Winnipeg, MB) and provides an overnight space for youth ages 13-26 to rest, relax, access food, resources, and basic needs, in a supportive, kind, and warm environment.



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Contact Information:


David F. Cole, West End 24 Hours Director of Operations 

Phone: 204 783 5000 ext 113

Email:  david@spenceneighbourhood.org

WE24 Outreach Office:

    204-783-5000 ext. 111

WE24 Outreach Cellphone:



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Brief Program History:


The West End 24 Hour Safe Space has been a dream of the residents of the West End for many years. We have been so thrilled over the last two years, to watch this project go from a grassroots dream to a plan, to a project with funding behind it, to an open and operational service, to a family of youth, volunteers and staff that work to keep the most marginalized among us safe and connected to positive role models and resources.


Participant Testimonials:


I was working when a new participant came in. They said that it was only their second time here but that they really like it at WE24 and wished that it was open every day if the week and that if it was they would come every day. When I asked what they liked so much about it they said the hospitality was so great and that everyone is just really kind.


It [WE24] means everything to me [and] all of my friends. We all just walk in a group like one big family.


Staff Testimonial:


One of our youth was connected with Terry (SNA’s Homeless Outreach Worker) who was able to get them into safe housing. The youth told staff that they love their new home and it feels very safe.




Winnipeg's West End, a low-income neighbourhood with higher crime rates and more active streets than most, had no 24-hour safe space for youth until the summer of 2016.


Unfortunately, in our neighbourhood, and in many others, youth are not experiencing the safety and care that most of us had while growing up. In other neighbourhoods, such as the North End, there have been successful creations of 24-hour safe spaces, through Rossbrook House and Ndinawe, to counter this unfortunate reality. We wanted to follow their examples and provide a space where youth feel safe and respected and the staff is well-trained and caring people.


We believe that it is our responsibility to keep each other safe and provide positive opportunities to the youth of our community.

For this reason, West End 24-hour Safe Space was born. When youth are in crisis and exploited, and home is no longer a refuge, they can't wait until morning to find safety.


Concerned Winnipeggers and West End community groups came together in 2014-2015 and created a plan for a safe space, informed by the youth who needed it most. With monetary support from individuals, organizations, community groups, partners, and funders, we were able to open our doors in 2016.


What you had to say about starting WE24:

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Craig Settee

"Growing up at Home and Ellice I saw a lot of women and young girls in the streets being exploited. I thought it was normal."


"They shouldn't be on the street. They need a place to stop in, maybe even stop for the night."

Kim Bouvette & Thelma Favel

"If they knew that there were more places open for them, if they knew, if they existed at that time, they would go to that safe place."

Laura Garcia-Stewart

"Allocating money towards centres like these is very important because it will mean a natural support and prevent other kids from coming into care."

Lennard Monkman

"In every 'hood there should be a 24/7 space. The kids need a safe place to go at night"

Lin Howes

"When they need someone in the overnight hours we want to be there to guide them, help them and advocate for them...because, we care about them."

Kevin Settee

“A place for them to go with really well-trained people who care - it would mean fewer kids losing their lives."

Leonard Sumner

"The streets can be dangerous 24 hours a day and there are predators out there seeking their next victim."