Violence Prevention Project



At Violence Prevention, youth ages 12-19 learn about healthy relationships and gender-based violence.  Youth participate in weekly workshops, discussing issues facing our communities and working towards social change.  We work towards a world where women and children are valued and able to live without fear of violence and abuse.


Exploring topics like respectful relationships, gendered power relations, and cycles of violence, youth develop self-confidence, learn skills in leadership and social justice, and become equipped to make a difference in their community.

The Violence Prevention Project is one of the only programs in the neighbourhood to provide education and awareness around healthy relationships and stopping violence against women. In addition, our project is taking it one step further to develop leaders amongst our teens and have them educate their peers. 

Violence Prevention Workshops

Wednesdays, 6:30-7:30pm at the Magnus Eliason Recreation Centre (MERC)


For more information, contact

Violence Prevention Coordinator – 



Objectives for the Violence Prevention Project


  • Promote respectful relationships

  • Empower youth to recognize and avert cycles of violence

  • Build skills in leadership, social justice, and critical thinking

  • Equip youth to understand the connections between gendered power 

  • relations and violence against women

  • Take action to address gender-based violence

Upcoming Workshops


  • Respect & Relationships 

  • Gender, Respect & Relationships

  • Gender & The power of expectations

  • Gender Positioning

  • Introducing gender-based violence

  • Understanding sexual harassment

  • Developing respectful practices

  • How to help a friend

  • Getting a position on gender, respect, & relationships

  • If respect is free, why is it so difficult to get?

  • Sexual intimacy, respect, & relationships 

  • Building an Awareness of Gender-based Violence

  • Consent & the Law

  • Barriers & enablers to consent in relationships

  • The implications of gender-based violence

  • Learning respectful communication

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