Violence Prevention Project



The Violence Prevention Program examines different forms of gender based violence impacting youth, and explores how we can come together to address them as a community.


This program provides an informative and non-judgmental space for youth to collaborate, learn and share. The Violence Prevention Program is open to youth aged 14-19.


All genders are welcome, however we prioritize the registration of Two Spirit, Trans, Non-binary youth and girls. All workshops will be held on zoom due to current health guidelines.


Email for more information or to register. 

Objectives for the Violence Prevention Project


  • Promote respectful relationships

  • Empower youth to recognize and avert cycles of violence

  • Build skills in leadership, social justice, and critical thinking

  • Equip youth to understand the connections between gendered power 

  • relations and violence against women

  • Take action to address gender-based violence

Upcoming Workshops


  • Respect & Relationships 

  • Gender, Respect & Relationships

  • Gender & The power of expectations

  • Gender Positioning

  • Introducing gender-based violence

  • Understanding sexual harassment

  • Developing respectful practices

  • How to help a friend

  • Getting a position on gender, respect, & relationships

  • If respect is free, why is it so difficult to get?

  • Sexual intimacy, respect, & relationships 

  • Building an Awareness of Gender-based Violence

  • Consent & the Law

  • Barriers & enablers to consent in relationships

  • The implications of gender-based violence

  • Learning respectful communication

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