Photograph by Lori J Westman Photography

Tool Lending Library 

Requests to borrow tools can be made between

10 am - 4 pm from Monday to Friday.  We suggest that requests be made at least one day in advance.



Tool Donations

We are so thankful for all of the donations we have received over the years! They have all been a great contribution to the community.

To make a donation, contact the Skills Bank at

204-783-2758. All donors will be given an honourable mention in our monthly Neighbourhood Newsletter.

All tools will be used for improving the image of the community, assisting inner city residents with completing jobs, and supporting the community gardens to grow food locally!

Becoming A Tool Library Member

Becoming a member can be done in three ways.

First, you must have 1 piece of ID (driver’s license, MB Health card, etc.) and 1 current bill/piece of mail.


If a person does not have proper identification, an alternative is to present 2 pieces of current mail, from different senders.

1. Annual fee of $25.00

2. Volunteer with Spence Neighbourhood Association for 3 hours to earn a membership. Simply talk to one of our SNA staff to make further arrangements of who you will be assisting.

3. SNA Community gardeners have an automatic membership with the tool lending library.


Please fill out and return this membership form.


Special thanks to all those who have donated to the tool library so far! We are still accepting donations of tools.