Skills Bank
Our Aims
  • To connect Skills Bank members to jobs posted by residents, businesses, and community organizations.

  • To link people to training opportunities or host training workshops when needed.

  • Conduct research on the social economy and work

Skills Bank’s History

The community saw a need for people to become more involved in the local economy. A system for linking skills to jobs or training opportunities was needed. Through a university-community research project, we started interviewing residents. A database of skills was created in the summer of 2004 and in November 2004, the Skills Bank opened to the public. Since then, over 200 odd jobs are filled annually with reliable and skilled workers.



Employer X. has been working with another carpenter/labourer G., constructing our raised wooden garden beds, storage, benches and compost boxes. They’ve worked very efficiently and independently, according to the drawings and instructions we gave them. They’ve been very pleasant to work with and have impressed all the Daniel McIntyre / St. Matthews Community Association (DMSMCA) staff and the partners we’ve been working with on these garden projects. They’ve been referred and hired by related projects as a result of their work with us, which is a great indication of their success.”-Heather Stewart


Workers, aside from the fact that an individual can find occasional casual work through the Skills Bank, for me personally, I have found that it is also a great way to network future labour possibilities, as well as find resources to assist me in creating my own job market. The staff support has been ongoing and it?s a great part of why I look forward to doing more with the Skills Bank.” -Bear



Benefits for Skills Bank Members

  • Eligibility for odd jobs, training and trading opportunities

  • Access to workshops on job searching skills, small business resources and small tools for jobs

  • Links to work for home-based business

Benefits of Hiring from the Skills Bank

  • Access to local carpenters, general labourers, roofers, child care providers, and more for excellent prices

  • Access to part time services like receptionists

  • Energy savings – home winterization by trained workers

  • Access to small tool rentals

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