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The Spence Neighbourhood Association (SNA) works with the people of Spence to revitalize and renew their community in the areas of Holistic Housing, Community Connecting, Community Economic Development, Environment and Open Spaces, and Youth & Families. 

We employ neighbourhood youth to deliver our newsletter to more than 1500 homes, businesses, community organizations, and various drop points in our neighbourhood. Through our social media platforms and website, our newsletter reaches much more people electronically. We strive to deliver our newsletters by the first week of the month. Deliveries depend on staff availability, weather conditions, and sidewalk and road conditions. 

We rely on community-minded folks to financially support our newsletter by means of donation and/or advertisement. Financial support offsets our printing costs - allowing us to keep this publication free and accessible to those who live, work, volunteer, play, and visit Spence. If you wish to donate to our newsletter, please click here. If you are interested in advertising with us, please click here for our SNA Newsletter Advertising Rates


SNA Newsletter questions and comments may be directed to the Community Liaison via email at


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Spence Neighbourhood Association (SNA)

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