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Another successful Spring Clean Up! 2016

Volunteers do sweep of West End in 20th annual spring cleanup


SNA Youth on the State of the Inner City Report

Kids capture their point of view via the Youth Lens on Poverty Project


Cooking up a storm with our Youth Crew Program!

Youth Crew by SHAW TV


Amazing article on healthy eating in our Building Belonging Program!

Cooking Up Something Sensational


Article About Crime Stats and SNA with an interview with our Executive Director

Dip in overall crime, but some stats increase


Our "Before I Die Wall" is gaining some great attention.

Winnipeggers' hopes and dreams on "Before I Die Wall"


A story on one of the unique ways we have received donations from community members!

Smooches for Spence Neighbourhood Association


One Winnipeg neighborhood is speaking out against the violence in their area.

March Against Violence


People living in Winnipeg's West End took to the streets on Tuesday evening to show they don't tolerate violent crime in their neighbourhood.

West End Residents March Against Violent Crime


Roughly a hundred people gathered in Central Park on Tuesday night, before leaving on a march through the West End.

West End March Against Violence


People living in Winnipeg's West End march in the streets to show they don't tolerate violent crime in their neighbourhood.

West End Residents March Against Violence


Our neighbourhood has had to many incidents of violence in the past. THe March Against Violence is planned for Sept. 17, 2013.

Spence Residents Step Up to March Against Violence Plaguing the Neighbourhood


Winnipeg's West End plans a March Against Violence to remember loved one's affected by violence in our neighbourhood.

Spence Neighbourhood Residents March Against Violence


Inner-City Soccer Program Winds up on August 20th after a successful year!

Inner-City Soccer Program Draws to a Close


CBC Video of Community Connector Courtney Sinclair and SNA's Tool Lending Libary!

Frustrated with neighbour’s uncut grass? You’re not alone


The Winnipeg Free Press article on Rooming Housing in Winnipeg's Spence Neighbourhood and our analysis of the ownership of 117 rooming houses in the area.

Owner won't convert huge rooming house


Rooming House Crisis Article by The Winnipeg Free Prees. 'We know a number of landlords wanting to get out of the rooming-house business. It's not what they bargained for"

Rooming-house loss a crisis


CBC Video with Executive Director Jamil Mahmood and Winnipeg's rooming house crisis.

Decline in Winnipeg rooming houses called a 'crisis'


The Winnipeg Free Press Rooming House Series with a quote from our Rental Safety Coordinator Mary Burton.

A House of Last Resort


Winnipeg's West End Clean Up Planned for April 27, 2013!

West End Cleanup on April 27


The Jubilee Fund and SNA work together to provided the financing for two houses in the neighbourhood.

Spence Neighbourhood Association (SNA)


Winnipeg Needs a Gang Strategy.

Gang Strategy


The True Sport Foundation and SNA work together to bring sports to youth in the Spence Neighbourhood.

Spence is a neighbourhood where everyone gets to play


The Magnus Eliaison Recreation Centre Basket Court in Revamped!

West End rec centre's revamped basketball court unveiled


The Our West Central Times Newspaper aims to fill the gap left behind in the Winnipeg's West End.

Newspaper aiming to fill some big footsteps


New University of Winnipeg Sporting Facility brings hope to the Spence Neighbourhood and their sports programs.

Groups hope to access new U of W facility


SNA's new Cultural Inetrgation Outreach Program is offically launched!

Spence Neighbourhood Association reaches out


Our Executive Director Jamil Mahmood speaks out on the lack of funding for gang prevention programs.

Gang prevention funding controversy


There is not enough funding from the Federal Government for Gang Prevention in our cities.

Gang-prevention funding not enough: Group


Jamil Mahmood says the $7.5 Million that will be spent on gang prevention programs is "just scratching the service".

Tory crime-prevention just "scratching the service": community leader 


SNA says that youth need a 24-hour drop-in service to prevent gang involvement.

Network suggests 24-hour drop-ins to reduce gang problem


SNA rallies to help victims of a house fire in the Spence Neighbourhood.

Spence Neighborhood Association rallies community to help West End fire victims


Spence residents march to end violence in Winnipeg's West End.

Watching each other’s backs


A great success story out of SNA and Winnipeg's West End, Junior Sesay becomes ones of the most accomplished basketball players in the province.

The fatherless boy and the gift of five fathers