The Don Miedema Community Service Award

Spence Neighbourhood is one of the oldest established neighbourhoods in Winnipeg. The community’s houses were built in the late 1800s and early 1990 and provided homes for many of the trades’ workers for the Hudson’s Bay Company and Eaton’s stores, including the artists who did the catalogues. Some of the houses were large and provided room for extra boarders to help cover the cost.

Throughout most the twentieth century, it was a close-knit community, where neighbour helped neighbour and watched each other’s property. Then late in the 20th century, the housing became dilapidated and crime rose to an all time high.

However, a core group of community members, maintaining the old community spirit, pulled together an organization that was to become the Spence Neighbourhood Association. Housing was improved, neighbours cared for neighbours and crime was reduced. Many people are doing things to help the elderly, disabled or sick; small acts of kindnesses that are rarely recognized.

The Don Miedema Community Service Award is to be given to someone in the Spence Neighbourhood who performs acts of kindness or acts to bring neighbours together to build community connections, encouraging a caring community.

To nominate someone using our Google Form, please click here. Alternatively, you may download the form by clicking here and submitting it in person, by email, or by mail to:

Attn: Lin Howes Barr, Acting Executive Director

Spence Neighbourhood Association 

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Spence Neighbourhood Association (SNA)

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