Community Incentives  Program

The SNA Community Incentives Program is supported by Neighbourhoods Alive! The objective of the program is to connect Spence residents, build community capacity, and promote community well-being.  Activities, events, initiatives, and programs that contribute to a thriving Spence Neighbourhood may receive incentives up to a maximum of $5,000. Each year SNA gives out $50,000 to community initiatives through this program. In the Spring, SNA sends a call for applications, and a committee reviews presentations from the applicants before funding is approved. Approved applicants will receive a portion of their allocated funds upon the approval of their applications, and the remainder of the funds will be given out upon receipt of a full report.

How to Apply:

  1. Click here to fill out our online Community Incentives 2020 Application Form

  2. Click here to download our Community Incentives 2020 Application Budget Form 

  3. Complete the Budget Form 

  4. Email your Community Incentives 2020 Application Budget Form to:​ 

Community Liaison

Spence Neighbourhood Association

Subject: Community Incentives 2020 Application Budget Form - [Name of Project]


There are 2 intakes for 2020.

Applications for the first intake are closed.

Applications for the second intake are closed.

SNA would like to thank you for applying to the Community Incentives Program. We will be conducting interviews with applicants in the weeks following each intake. We require that all applicants attend a safe 10-minute interview with the committee. 

To qualify for an incentive, your project should:

  • Reflect the program objective of community building/connecting

  • Have identified support of local residents

  • Be sponsored by local groups (not individuals)

  • Not be used for capital improvements to private property unless the property has been made available, free of charge,

  • For community use and the improvements relate to the proposed community use

  • Must have COVID-19 contingency plans

  • Must be completed by March 8, 2021

Examples of eligible projects: block parties, community celebrations, neighbourhood cleanups, community gardens and other such projects that support community connecting.  Ensure all social distancing and COVID-19 requirements are being adhered to.


Eligible costs include materials and supplies, equipment or other rentals and staffing costs, but cannot be used for stipends or honorariums for participation.


Unless otherwise stated, all reporting for community incentives is due 30 days after the completion of the project, or by March 15, 2021, whichever is sooner. Reports must be submitted with copies of receipts or other proof of expenses. Please contact the Community Liaison if you are not sure if your proof of expense is acceptable. We also encourage photos, posters, and other documents. 


2020/2021 Reporting Package:

Please select the following to complete the required two reports:


Both will be submitted electronically to:


Pictures submitted by 2019 CI Program Recipients

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