Need help with your application or require more information? 

 Register for an application workshop, taking place June 1st! SNA Housing staff will help you understand the application process and answer questions. 

Application Workshop for Rental Property Owners: 

Thursday, June 1st | 5:30 PM | 615 Ellice Avenue


Application Workshop for Homeowners:

Thursday, June 1st | 6:30 PM | 615 Ellice Avenue


To register, please email: or call: 204-783-5000 Ext. 105. Please leave a message with your name and phone number.

Please contact SNA Housing staff any time if you have further inquiries:

Housing Coordinator: 

204-783-5000 ext.105 |


Rental Safety Coordinator:

204-783-5000 ext.107 | 

Community Housing

Improvement Incentives (CHII)



CHII is a grant program run by SNA which provides homeowners and rental property owners with financial assistance for fix-up projects to improve the exterior quality, safety, appearance, and extend the life of their properties.


Determine which type of grant is right for you and by clicking here.

CHII Application Process


Check your property’s eligibility. Properties that previously benefitted from a grant are not eligible to benefit again unless a minimum waiting period of three years has elapsed. Properties that benefitted from a grant in 2014, 2015, or 2016 are not eligible to apply in 2017. If you aren’t sure about your property’s eligibility, please contact SNA Housing staff, or visit us at 615 Ellice Avenue.

Get your application. Homeowner Applications are available by clicking here and Rental Applications are available by clicking here. You may also receive applications at 615 Ellice Avenue.

  1. Gather quotes and documentation: 2 written quotes for each project (grant does not cove the labour done by the owner); Photos of each proposed project; Completed 2017 SNA Incentive application; Copy of City of Winnipeg license (rooming houses only). SNA can provide a list of contractors that have worked in the Spence neighbourhood in various trades.

  2. Submit your application. Your completed application form, project photos, and all other required documentation must be submitted by Tuesday, June 20th, 2017 at 4:00pm, 615 Ellice Avenue.

  3. Application review and notification. All applications will be reviewed by a committee of community members after June 20th. SNA will notify you if your application is approved.

Project Completion Deadline: Tuesday October 31, 2017 at 4:00pm. All projects must be completed by this date, with “after” photos submitted. Please contact SNA Housing staff

regarding any delays beyond this date.

Please Note: Not all projects will be approved; submitting an application does not guarantee approval. Approval is subject to availability of funding, individual eligibility, and community need. Timeline of approval process cannot be guaranteed. Project must be for exterior work only; interior projects will not be considered. Additional conditions and eligibility requirements may apply; please consult CHII application and SNA Housing staff for complete details.

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