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Economic Initiatives 

SNA has been working on economic initiatives over the last ten years.  We've had a number of successful projects in that time, such as the Skills Bank and I.D. programs, however, it became clear that the programming was not fully addressing the neighbourhood's economic issues in a sustainable way.


Opportunities for adequate employment and skills training, financial support programs, and self-employment are in need.  Local businesses would also benefit from a skilled local workforce and strong community connections.


Therefore, SNA has decided to engage in Winnipeg's first community-led CED neighbourhood plan to address these issues, mindfully direct CED priorities, and promote a healthy, stable, and vibrant economy in the Spence neighbourhood over the long-term. 


We've received fantastic feedback from the community and are currently writing the CED plan, which will be released in the fall of 2016. Stay tuned for details! If you would like to become involved in CED initiatives, please contact the 615 Office for more information.



The tool lending program and I.D. program have been suspended until further notice.  Please contact the office if you need assistance obtaining I.D.

CED Principles (Criteria):
These criterion were developed by Neechi Foods Worker Co-op

Use of locally produced goods and services.

  • Purchases of goods and services produced locally.

  • Circulation of income within the local community; less income drain.

  • Stronger economic linkages within the local community.

  • Less dependency on outside markets.

  • Greater community self-reliance.


Production of goods and services for local use.

  • Creation of goods and services for use in the local community.

  • Circulation of income within the local community, less income drain.

  • Stronger economic linkages within the local community.

  • Greater community self-reliance.

  • Restoration of balance in the local economy.


Local re-investment of profits.

  • Use of profits to expand local economic activity.

  • Stop profit drainage.

  • Investment that increases community self-reliance and cooperation.


Long-term employment of local residents.

  • Long-term jobs in areas which have experienced chronic unemployment or under-employment.

  • Reduction of dependency on welfare and food banks.

  • Opportunities to live more socially productive lives.

  • Personal and community self-esteem.

  • More wages and salaries spent in the local community.


Local skill development.

  • Training of local residents.

  • Training geared to community development needs.

  • Higher labour productivity.

  • Greater employability in communities which have historically experienced high unemployment.

  • Greater productive capability of economically depressed areas.



Local decision-making.

  • Local ownership and control.

  • Cooperative forms of ownership and control.

  • Grassroots involvement.

  • Community self-determination.

  • People working together to meet community needs.


Public health.

  • Physical and mental health of community residents.

  • Healthier families.

  • More effective schooling.

  • More productive workforce.


Physical environment.

  • Healthy neighbourhoods.

  • Safe neighbourhoods.

  • Attractive neighbourhoods.

  • Ecological sensitivity.


Neighbourhood stability.

  • Dependable housing.

  • Long-term residency.

  • Base for long-term community development.


Human dignity.

  • Self-respect

  • Community spirit.

  • Gender equality.

  • Respect for seniors.

  • Respect for children.

  • Social dignity regardless of physical, intellectual, or psychological differences.

  • Social dignity regardless of national or ethnic background, colour or creed.

  • Aboriginal pride


Support for other CED initiatives.

  • Mutually supportive trade among organizations with similar community development goals in Winnipeg and elsewhere.


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